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Patient Information

Your Experience In Our Medical Centre

At the German Medical Centre we are dedicated to provide you with the highest standards of safe quality healthcare and with a unique hospitality experience. We understand that a hospital stay may be an emotional experience. Each member of our staff-regardless of position-is personally committed to making your stay the most positive experience possible, for you and your family.

We appreciate any comments, feedback or suggestions you may have for us regarding the care and services we provide. Your comments also help us focus on areas for improvement. We listen to what you tell us and truly appreciate your feedback.Please let us know when we have met or exceeded your expectations. Our staff receive recognition for providing an “Excellent” service to our patients and their families.

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There are two types of admission:

Elective Admission – Elective admission is planned in advance. This type of admission allows for pre-admission testing and evaluation, costing, approval, operating room scheduling and bed assignment.

Emergency Admission – You may be admitted due to a medical or surgical emergency. In this case it would be preferable to be accompanied by a family member or friend. They are often able to assist us with the information about your circumstances surrounding the emergency, as well as to be available to deal with all the required administrative details.

We will arrange your admission to be as easy as possible. The admission procedure will take place in the Patient Services Area. The Admitting Officer will assist you.

If your health insurance company requires pre-authorisation the Admission Officer will assist you. Except for an emergency admission your insurance company pre-authorisation is required prior to admission. Please see Health Insurance for additional information.

To contact the Health Insurance Office please call direct on 17-325658.

What to Bring on Admission – You only need to bring a few personal items with you. The most important is a list of all the medications, including any herbal medications, that you are currently taking. Do not bring any medications to the hospital unless the doctor gives an instruction to do so. If you do bring medicines we will arrange to store these for you, or ask a family member to take them home. You should bring a robe, slippers, night and under garments, and reading material. Hospital gowns are provided. A complimentary personal hygiene kit will be provided to you, which includes a dental kit, shampoo and conditioner, body lotion, shower gel, shaving kit, comb, and more.

What Not to Bring to the Hospital – Please do not bring valuables, jewelry, electronics or large amounts of money. Although we will exercise care in protecting them the Hospital is not responsible for securing or replacing any personal items or valuables during your stay.

Visiting hours on the patient wards are from 10AM-9PM daily, with the exception of patients located in the ICU or Neonatal ICU where special hours are maintained, detailed below.

*Only two visitors per patient. One visitor can be allowed to stay in the room with the patient overnight.
*Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to visit patients unless accompanied by an adult, unless otherwise approved by the nurse manager.
*Visiting hours may be suspended for critical situations in the Emergency Department or the Intensive Care Units.
*The admitting physician may limit or expand the number of visitors for individual patients as deemed medically necessary.

Labor & Delivery – Pre-delivery (First Floor)
*One birthing partner per patient.
*In the event of an emergency all visitors will be asked to wait outside the Labor & Delivery Unit.
*No children under the age of 16 will be allowed in the labor room pre-delivery.

Labor & Delivery – Post-delivery (First Floor)
*Grandparents and siblings of the infant are permitted within the first hour post delivery.
*Siblings under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: NICU (First Floor)
*Parents of the baby are permitted at any time.
*No more than two people will be allowed per patient
*Siblings will be allowed to visit at the bedside with a parent for 10 to 15 minutes only and must remain with the adult at the bedside throughout the visit.
*All visitors with a respiratory tract infection, rash or infected lesion of hand and/or face will not be allowed to visit the NICU. All visitors with a communicable disease may not visit the NICU until the infection is no longer communicable.
*Febrile mothers without a specific identified site of infection may visit in the NICU pending approval of their obstetrician and the neonatologist.

Intensive Care Unit: ICU (First Floor)
*One visitor per patient at any one time.
*Visiting hours are from 11am-12 noon, and from 6pm-7pm daily.

At German Medical Centre we offer services to make your stay comfortable and convenient – for you and for your family. We also request that you follow our policies and procedures to help ensure your safety and comfort.


Your physician will guide you for an appointment with an Anaesthetist for a routine ´pre-op evaluation´. Our Business Center Officer will assist you with your financial or insurance requirements.

Full payment is required prior to admission If you are covered by one of our preferred insurance providers then pre-approval is required prior to admission.

Consent Forms
You will be asked to sign consent forms for certain types of treatment and/or procedures. Your physician will fully explain the planned treatment and/or procedures to you. It is important for you to understand the risks, benefits and alternatives available to you.

All patient rooms have an en-suite bathroom, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, a refrigerator and a closet for personal belongings. Your bed and your bathroom have a nurse-call facility that rings at the Nurse Station should you require assistance. The bed also has side rails for your safety. Please use them when instructed to do so. Telephone calls are billed to your final account and must be settled at the time of discharge.

If there are any maintenance, housekeeping or customer service issues, please inform the nurse assigned to you or the Customer Service Manager. Your room is cleaned on a daily basis and more often if required.

Care Coordination
Together with your physician and assigned nurse our social worker will liaise with you to prepare for your care after your hospital stay. We recognize that most patients expect to return home after hospitalization, but there are times when care in another setting may be needed.

Our social workers can help if you are not sure that you or a family member will be able to manage safely at home. We will work with you to review your care needs, and to start planning your discharge to home, or your transfer to another facility if required.

A stay in the hospital can be a stressful experience. Also, personal and financial problems may add to your concerns. Our social workers are available to help you and give you resource information.

The social worker will visit you daily. Please discuss with her any advise or support you may need. She is there to assist you and to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Food and Nutrition Services
If you are on a regular or special diet you may select your next days´ meal from the daily menu presented each morning. If you require a menu tailored to your specific medical needs a registered Dietician is available to assist you Guest meals are available upon request for visitors Electrical appliances such as kettles or toasters must not be brought to the Hospital. Fast food (junk food) is not permitted into the Hospital. Room service and guest trays are billed separately and should be settled at the time of discharge.

If you have any questions regarding your diet prior to discharge please discuss these with the clinical dietician. If you find you need to return to

German Medical Centre for additional dietary instructions please ask for an appointment with the Outpatient Clinic Nutrition Services. Please telephone Central Booking on 17-598200 to book an appointment.

Meal Service
For your safety as well as for sanitary purposes, the nutrition aides who serve you will only handle food trays during the meal service. Your assigned nurse will adjust your tray or your bed and ensure you are ready and comfortable for your meal. Our clinical dietician will visit you daily for any additional assistance with your food selections.

Be sure to check with your assigned nurse before eating any food items brought by a family member or visitor.
German Medical Centre offers a group-based educational classes on nutrition and diabetes. During your stay, you and your family members and guests are encouraged to attend this class. Ask your nutritionist or assigned nurse about these classes.

Private Nurses
Patients nurses are not allowed to practice at German Medical Centre.

Private Care Givers
Private Care Givers are allowed to assist a private patient, as per the policy of the Hospital. You must submit your application to bring your own private Care Giver to the Nurse Manager. Please inform the Admission Officer at the time of admission, or the Nurse Manager, of your intention to bring a private Care Giver. Private Care Givers must be interviewed by the Director of Nursing to assess the Care Givers level of competency and to establish the scope of the work that the Hospital will allow them to perform. An ID badge, issued by the Hospital, must be worn at all times by the private Care Giver whilst at the Hospital.

Mail will be delivered daily to your room. Any mail coming to the International Hospital of Bahrain after your discharge will be forwarded to your home address.

The German Medical Centre offers convenient free parking at the Hospital site, including dedicated ´Disabled Persons Parking´ spaces. A free of charge valet parking service is available. Ask the Security Officer on duty in the Customer Car Park for assistance with parking, if required.


Bus Service
There is a bus service that stops directly outside German Medical Centre, on Al Hoora, Palace Avenue and Goverment Avenue.

Taxi Service
Metered Taxi services are easily available to and from the Hospital, including:
Speedy Motors: Tel: 17 682999
London Taxi: Tel: 17 461746

Ambulance Service
German Medical Centre offers a modern, fully equipment ambulance service, for both routine and emergency calls. A charge is applicable for the use of the ambulance service, including airport pickups. To arrange the ambulance please telephone the Hospital on 17-598222. A national ambulance service is available for emergencies. Telephone ´999´ for emergency assistance.

Telephone Service
All patient rooms are provided with telephones. We ask that calls placed to patients´ rooms be made only between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:00 pm to provide a quiet time for our patients.

Television Service
A wide selection of popular channels is available via Satellite TV. The service is complimentary. Press ´TV Channel List´ on the remote control for the channel list.

Newspaper Service
Newspapers are delivered daily to your room. Please discuss with your assigned nurse to arrange either the Arabic or the English language newspaper.

Wi-Fi Service
German Medical Centre offers its patients and families free Wi Fi Internet service. With multiple hotspots throughout the hospital, you will find our wireless network easy to access and use, including all patient rooms, Café Layal, and the ICU. Please ask your assigned nurse if you need any assistance.

Patient Education Service
German Medical Centre offers its patients a comprehensive online Patient Education Service. This is available from the computer screen in your room. Please ask your assigned for any assistance.

German Medical Centre is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere on the premises, grounds and car parks.

If you smoke please ask your doctor or nurse for details on our Smoking Cessation Programme, to help you quit smoking. The referral consultation to our smoking cessation physician is complimentary. As part of the Centre´s Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Programme a complimentary referral is available to all our patients who wish to quit smoking.

We are committed to providing a safe environment in which to receive care at German Medical Centre. Here is what you can do:

Speak Up! If you have any questions about your care. If you do not understand something just ask again.

Ask Questions.
If you do not understand or have concerns, ask us. You have the right to know and understand your treatment plan and options. Learn approximately how long treatment will last and how you should feel. Please do not be shy or embarrassed to ask us about something that is unclear or confusing.
Pay Attention to the care you are getting. Tell your nurse or doctor if something does not seem quite right. The patient identification band you receive upon admission is important for many reasons. Make sure your nurse or doctor checks this band before they give you medication or other treatment. Notice whether care-givers have washed their hands, since this is an important way to stop the spread of infections. Do not be afraid to gently remind a doctor or nurse to do this.

Educate Yourself about your diagnosis, medical tests, and your treatment plan. Read all medical forms and make sure you understand them before you sign anything. Make sure you get the results of all tests and procedures done, and ask questions if you do not understand them. Request a trusted family member or friend to be your support person, your advocate. Make sure your advocate understands your preferences and your wishes.

Medications: Know what medications you are receiving and why you are taking them. Ask about any side effects. If you do not recognize a medication verify that it is for you before you take it. Be sure to tell your doctor or nurse about any allergies that you have or negative reactions you have had to medications in the past. Our clinical pharmacist will visit you daily.

Safe Surgery: Ensure you understand what will happen if you are having surgery. We will assist you in marking the correct area to be operated on so that there is no confusion in the operating room. Ask the surgeon what to expect after surgery. You are the centre of the healthcare team. Your well-being is our primary concern. German Medical Centre operates a comprehensive set of ´patient safety checklist´ before, during and after your surgery or procedure. Please discuss any concerns you may have with your surgeon.

Security: Security officers are located throughout the Hospital and its grounds for your safety, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please inform your assigned nurse if you have any security concerns.

Fire Drills: Fire drills are conducted regularly. In the event of an actual fire the Hospital will follow fire response procedures to ensure the safety of patients, visitors and staff. In the event of an emergency dial “0” from any hospital telephone.

Smoking: German Medical Centre is committed to a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted in the main hospital, car parks or grounds. In the interest of the health of our patients, visitors, and staff we appreciate your cooperation in achieving this goal. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area located adjacent to the hospital´s main park.

Preventing Falls: For your safety your assigned nurse will show you around your room and other nearby areas. Special carpeting, designed and manufactured for hospital use, with few exceptions is fitted throughout the Hospital including patient rooms. One of the benefits of this special carpeting is the reduced risk of falling on a wet floor.

Wash Your Hands. During your stay, especially after using the bathroom and before meals, help prevent infection by washing your hands thoroughly and frequently. Your care providers, before and after each visit, will use soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to disinfect their hands. Wash Your Hands. During your stay, especially after using the bathroom and before meals, help prevent infection by washing your hands thoroughly and frequently. Your care providers, before and after each visit, will use soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to disinfect their hands.

Recognise Your Healthcare Team. Recognize the members of your healthcare team. Expect all staff to introduce themselves to you. Look for the picture on their identification badge. If you are not sure about someone, ask the person to identify themself. Make sure the staff knows who you are and that they take necessary safety precautions such as checking your hospital wristband before giving you medication or taking you for a test.

Tell Us. Tell us what else you might need to make your plan of care work best. Tell us when you have pain, where the pain is and what it feels like. We will ask and want to know. Tell us if the medications or other treatments are helping your pain. Don´t be shy about telling us it is time for your pain medication, or if the medication did not help reduce your pain to a point that is acceptable for you. Pain is more difficult to control as it becomes worse-do not wait to tell us.

Take Notice. Notice the care and treatments you are receiving on an ongoing basis. Know the name, purpose, dosage and possible side effects of all your medications. Tell us if you are having any side effects. After taking your medication, tell your care providers if you feel or notice anything that you did not expect.

Remind Us. Remind your doctor or nurse about any allergies you have or negative reactions you have had in the past. Ask when you are not sure about whether to chew or swallow your medicine. Inform your doctor or nurse if you do not recognize a medication or it seems different.

Safety Rounds. A specialist team of Hospital personnel routinely conduct ´safety rounds´, including patient safety rounds, medication safety rounds, infection control safety rounds, and facility safety rounds. These safety rounds help ensure that you are taken care of in the safest possible environment.

German Medical Centre is a not-for-profit hospital and depends upon prompt payments by our patients and their health insurance companies. With no shareholders, any excess funds are automatically put back into upgrading, improving and expanding the Hospital. In this way we can continue to provide the best healthcare possible.

In addition for the use of the hospital´s facilities, equipment and supplies your hospital bill includes the fees of your medical care team. The team includes your treating surgeon or physician, nurses, radiologists, anesthesiologists, pathologists, clinical pharmacists, cardiologists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, clinical dieticians, Social Worker, and more.

Self-Pay Cash
Your Case Manager will visit you daily to present your interim statement. You will be requested to arrange a daily ´top-up´ fee to maintain your account. The balance of the full payment is required prior to discharge.

If prior approval for admission and treatment has been obtained the German Medical Centre will direct the bill to your insurance company. Please be aware that your insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance company. If your insurance company does not pay, or fails to pay in a timely manner, the account becomes your responsibility. German Medical Centre undertakes to fill in the Universal Insurance Claim Form electronically. The Hospital does not manually fill in any other insurance claim form.If you owe a balance after your insurance company has paid its portion of your bill we will contact you indicating the balance that you are required to pay.

Health Insurance: Direct Billing
German Medical Centre only deals with ethical healthcare insurance companies. We are honoured to have the following healthcare insurance companies on our list of approved insurers under direct billing:

AETNA Global Benefits (AGB)
Allianz Worldwide Care (AWC)
BUPA International
International SOS (ISOS)
SAICO (Saudi Arabian Insurance Company)
T´azur Insurance
SANZ Compassionate Billing Rate and Charity Care

As a community hospital The International Hospital of Bahrain provides compassionate billing and charity care under its SANZ Charity Care Programme. Under this special Program the International Hospital of Bahrain provides free care, or care at reduced charges, to a patient who qualifies, without respect to race, age, religion, national origin, gender or any other grounds unrelated to the patient´s need for service. Please contact the SANZ Charity Officer on extension 857 if you need to complete a Charity Care application form.