Promoting cultural competency in healthcare Understanding Indian cultural needs in Bahrainโ€™s health care sector

Before we understand the concept of cultural competency in health care, letโ€™s decipher what exactly cultural competency is. We shall also understand how it applies to the health sector. Anย Indian dermatologist in Bahrainย treating cross-cultural patients or Indian patients requesting only an Indian doctor are all examples of cultural competency in Health care.

It refers to the ability of a hospital to cater to the needs of diverse cultures and traditions while staying uncompromised on the delivery of quality health care.

Adopting cultural competency in the healthcare sector is an important part of providing quality medical treatment. Every hospital must strive to be culturally competent.

Every hospital must be able to provide medical treatment that is in line with the social, linguistic and cultural needs of all the patients. Ensuring this, allows the hospital to provide the best possible health care with more positive outcomes.

Why cultural competency in hospitals is the need of the hourย 

Often in a foreign country, patients find it difficult to communicate with the doctor because of language barriers. Being able to express yourself unhindered, to your doctor, ensures a better understanding and therefore better treatment of the underlying ailment.

Many times cultural influences have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the medical treatment rendered and its outcome. Being a culturally competent hospital can lead to better diagnosis and ultimately better treatment plans.

Indians in Bahrain

Indians in Bahrain constitute the largest expatriate community in the country.ย Comprising around 30% of the total population, Indians are a sizeable part of the small Island country.

With a fairly large faction, it is a given that Indians form a very significant part of the economy. Understanding cultural competency and catering to their healthcare needs with special reference to dermatology is important for the medical sector in Bahrain.

Indians residing in Bahrain may want to consult anย Indian dermatologist in Bahrainย for more reasons than one. Firstly, language may be one of the reasons Indians might be more comfortable with an Indian doctor. Being able to communicate well with your doctor is half the battle won.

Secondly, Indians in Bahrain may seek the expertise of anย Indian dermatologist in Bahrainย because of the cultural connection that they may share with the doctor. The comfort level the patient has with the doctor will result in lesser scope for medical errors and improved patient experience.

While patients are from different nationalities, they may be culturally different too. They may have differences when it comes to food habits, medical beliefs and communication.

That is why hospitals need to sensitize their doctors and provide a culturally competent environment in the health care centre.

ย Conclusion

The German Medical Centre in Bahrain is known for its cultural competency. Delivering excellent patient treatment through its specialized departments, the German Medical Centre is a premier institution in Bahrain. It has multilingual doctors in its roll. This allows it to cater to the vast influx of patients from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. We have the bestย Indian dermatologist in Bahrainย to cater to the growing needs of the Asian community in Bahrain.

Cultural competency has always been an integral part of the organization. With a team of highly qualified multilingual doctors, the German Medical Centre in Bahrain has always been at the forefront when it comes to patient satisfaction.

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