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Smooth Skin Solutions: The Ultimate Guide To Treating And Minimizing Stretch Marks

Before we get into a treatment plan, it is important to understand what stretch marks are and what causes stretch marks. German Medical Centre have the Skin specialist in Bahrain explains the causes and treatment for the appearance of stretch marks on the body.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are unattractive blemishes or scars that appear on the skin. They are usually characterized by uneven vertical lines that may appear red or silver-grey.ย Except for being aesthetically unpleasant, stretch marks are not physically harmful.

Causes for stretch marks

Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body but usually appear around the midriff area, arms, thigh, or back. Stretch marks appear when the skin suddenly stretches or shrinks. So, when does the skin rapidly stretch or shrink? This can happen during:

  • Hormone fluctuations
  • Pregnancy
  • Rapid Weight loss or weight gain
  • Training with weights

How to treat stretch marks?

Goodย skin doctors in Bahrainย will advise you on the best treatment for stretch marks. Many doctor-prescribed lotions and creams can lighten stretch marks on the skin. Also, there are several medical procedures to rid the skin of stretch marks.

It is advisable to visit the Skin specialist in Bahrain in the German Medical Centre in Manama for effective treatment of stretch marks.

Laser therapy for the treatment of stretch marks

An effective and popular treatment for stretch marks is Laser therapy. So, how does laser therapy work? Laser therapy uses infrared and visible red light to reduce the density of stretch marks. The laser beams soften and flatten the stretch marks making them align with the skin tone.

It may take more than 20 laser therapy sessions to see visible results. Although laser therapy is more or less a permanent treatment for stretch marks, you might have to follow the treatment with further sessions of laser therapy for effective results.

Also, laser therapy for stretch marks requires professional expertise. That is why it is advisable to visit a goodย skin specialist near you in Bahrainย for expert laser therapy treatment for stretch marks.

Doctor prescribed creams, lotionsย andย nourishing oils

Another treatment for stretch marks is the external application of nourishing oils and lotions prescribed by a well-experienced Skin specialist in Bahrain.

Although there are many creams for the treatment of stretch marks available over the counter, always visit a good skin specialist in Bahrainย for a doctor-prescribed treatment.

Creams and lotions containing retinoids are often used to treat stretch marks on the skin. However, these creams are used for the treatment of new or fresh stretch marks that are not more than a few months old.

Retinoid helps to build the protein on your skin, consequently making the stretch marks look like normal skin over time.

Again, retinoid treatment may have side effects and you must necessarily consult a Skin specialist in Bahrain before applying retinoid-based lotions on your skin.

Also, pregnant and lactating mothers must also consult a skin doctor in Bahrain before applying retinoid-based lotions as these lotions may affect the baby.

Collagen induction therapy

Collagen Induction therapy or micro needling is another method of treating stretch marks on the skin. Here, sterilized needles are pricked into the skin to activate the collagen protein to generate new skin tissues.

This is an effective treatment for stretch marks on the skin. It is equally important to visit a good skin hospital in Bahrain for microneedling treatment.


As some treatments for stretch marks may require frequent visits to the skin doctor, it is advisable to choose a convenient and bestย hospital for skin in Bahrain. Theย German Medical Centreย is one of the most well-knownย skin hospitals in the Kingdom.

We handle the most complex cases in skin treatment; making us one of the most preferred hospitals for skin-related treatments in Bahrain. We provide state-of-the-art diagnostic assessments and medical care to patients.

Our well-experienced and highly qualified doctors have the skill and expertise to provide superior medical support.

German Medical Centre in Bahrainย is conveniently located with all modern amenities making us one of the most preferred hospitals forย skin treatments in Bahrain.

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