Your Best Skin Specialist in Bahrain

Your Best Skin Specialist in Bahrain

For many of you, a skin specialist or dermatologist is somebody who treats skin problems like cancer. However, the good news is that a skin specialist in Bahrain can also provide treatment for your skin problems.ย 

A skin specialist can provide treatments for a wide range of diseases including wrinkles, acne, and hair problems. Moreover, when you are concerned about your aged skin, then the specialists can help you get healthy and beautiful skin.

Methods used by a skin specialist to provide you with healthy skin


  • Hydra facial Bahrain services

The hydra facial treatment comes with 4 treatment methods that are provided to you. The first process is known as cleansing and exfoliating. As the name implies cleansing and exfoliating get rid of the dirt particles that are present on your outer layer skin.ย 

It is a simple process where the technician or specialists rub some mild cream on your face. Then they gently rub it off using tissue paper or cloth. The second process is peeling. Here a peeling cream is used.ย 

You would have perhaps, used a peeling cream earlier, by yourself at night. The same is done here. A cream is applied on your entire face and is gently peeled after 30-40 minutes.ย 

  • Botox in Bahrain

Botox is another interesting skin treatment method that is often resorted to by clients and patients who want to get rid of wrinkles. This procedure is ideal for those of you who are above 50 years of age.ย 

Besides, if you are slightly obese or have a double chin, then this procedure can work wonders for you. The procedure involves an injection with Botox given to you. This helps in ensuring that your muscles donโ€™t move.ย 

You will be kept under observation for some time in the clinic or healthcare centre. The neurotoxin wears off, and your nerves will work again properly. The Botox lasts for a few months, depending on the dosage provided to you.ย 

It usually lasts for 4 months, and in some cases, it can last up to 6 months. This method is also helpful for treating neck issues, overactive bladders, eyes, and other skin conditions. Some dermatologists also recommend it for preventing migraine.ย 

Some of the wide range of medical services offered by GMC include Botox, Fillers, PRP Therapy, Microneedling, Mesotherapy, and Carbon Peel. We also provide you with Hydrafacial, Thread Lift, Hifu, Thread Lift, and HIFU.

The German Medical Centre, GMC is a state-of-the-art multi-specialty hospital that offers exceptional medical care in Bahrain. Our team consists of doctors and nurses who are extremely specialized in their field.ย 

Our branches are located in the central hubs, of the country. We have one centre in central Manama, in the prestigious Ashrafs Tower. Our second branch is relatively new and is based on the Budaiya highway.

This is one of the main areas in Bahrain, that leads to some of the most popular residential and commercial areas. Our GMC centres are fitted with some of the latest types of equipment, machines, and laboratories.

We can assure you that we can provide our patients with a comfortable, relaxed, and safe environment. For more on hydra facial in Bahrain, please visit us at GMC. We would love to help you.

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